Civil Unions

Since a landmark ruling in the Maltese parliament in April 2014, same-sex couples can also celebrate a civil partnership in Malta. The first ceremony took place in June 2014 and it was a moment widely celebrated among the gay community, bringing Malta in line with most other countries in the European Union. 

Malta is ranked number one in the ILGA-Europe (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) ranking of all 49 countries in Europe in terms of their respect of human rights and equality.


Malta is a member of the Common Wealth, European Union and the Schengen agreement, meaning no visa is required for visitors from most western countries. Both English & Maltese are commonly spoken on the island. 

The Maltese passport is also ranked number 5 by for free visa connections.


The heart of the Mediterranean

Malta is a truly magical place. You can point a camera in each direction and capture a picture perfect image. 


The island is surrounded by dazzling sea which laps around the golden sand beaches. The waves lapping against the tall cliffs. With the sun always shining, views of picturesque bays & harbours are impeccable. 



The buildings too are exceptional. Valletta is the capital city. Named the European capital of culture, a stroll through its storied streets ascertain its title. Holding value as UNESCO world heritage, Valletta presents to its visitors the Maltese character. Intricately carved walls mix and match style from Italy, Greece and Tunisia. Paying tribute to Malta's Catholic identity and Arabic influence. 


There are over 300 churches peppered throughout the island, each one holds sentimental value to its visitors and neighbours. Some of the worlds most well renowned artists found themselves painting the ceiling of the islands cathedrals adding to their sophisticated flavour. 

For your wedding day you can choose anything from exquisite baroque churches to simple medieval chapels. There are also numerous venue options such as glittering ball rooms, stunning beaches, remote cottages or landmark structures such as garjola gardens in the grand harbour, pictured below. 



Weddings in the Med

The Islands of Malta & Gozo 

Congratulations on your decision to Tie The Knot. Your wedding will be the first step in a long journey of commitment, happiness and love. I wish you the best of luck on this important milestone. 


By CHOOSING MALTA as your destination wedding or honeymoon destination, you are making the decision to celebrate on an island that has been ripe for celebration for over 7000 years. That's right, since before the pyramids were built, the Maltese archipelago has been hosting celebrations of all kinds for people from many different cultures. 

The beautifully adorned village piazzas have each hosted yearly celebrations in the shadow of their unique churches, many of which built with intricate carvings that embellish the islands with charm and excitement.  This has been repeated for hundreds of years. 

Whilst it is not officially understood why ancient explorers settled here, we know why they never left. It takes only moments to realise that the islands are alive with colours, aromas, sounds, flavours and activity. Located right in the heart of the Mediterranean with excellent flight connections throughout Europe. It is an easily accessible island paradise for you and your guests. 

The sea is a constant Azure Blue, with memorising golden sand beaches, limestone stacks and clay cliffs. With a temperate climate and 300 days of Sunshine, we are blessed by the sun, sea and fresh air. 

We have an enormous number of high quality services that range from five star hotels, stunning sea side villas and one of the highest rates in family owned business. A welcoming atmosphere washes over the islands, inviting you to try the delicious food, dip your toes in the healing sea water and taste the fulfilling fruit. 

There is a very lively nightlife that has been likened to the best in the Mediterranean. Spectacular examples of art and culture litter the islands walls, streets, bars and restaurants.  




Your Crypto Wedding on the Blockchain Island


Malta is quickly becoming a hub for technology gurus in the blockchain sector. Our values of organising original and modern weddings align perfectly with the digital trend of cryptocurrency. 

With the first fully regulated blockchain sector in the world, we are at the forefront of crypto services. 

We cater for fresh and forward looking couples who wish to embrace the future and create a special, high tech wedding day. We accept cryptocurrency as a primary payment method because we know that our clients often wish to pay without losing value through currency exchanges.

The volatility of the market place may for some be a cause for concern, however because we convert the cryptocurrency payments into euro immediately upon receipt, we are not susceptible to the fluctuations.

Malta is the ideal spot for your wedding in paradise, we've selected the best venues around the island to cater for large high class weddings to small casual meet ups. Our young, dynamic team and award winning team is always ready to help so please do be in touch if you wish to clarify certain aspects of your wedding. 


Getting married on an Island Paradise


The dream wedding is an idea that we hold close to our hearts throughout our lives. We've all looked out into the sunset and wondered... What kind of wedding should I have ? 

gozo 2.JPG

How do I make my wedding special ? This question is repeated in our minds until we finally find the answer we are looking for... 

Get married in Malta. The number one island destination in the Mediterranean for a special wedding celebration. Don't believe us ? Check out these spectacular pictures by Alison Kind, the genius behind whether you decide to book with us, we highly recommend Alison for pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding photography. 

Look at her STUNNING photos from 2018 

Top 5 Church Venues for a wedding in Malta

Ta Pinu


Built in a neo-romantic style. Inside the church there are 6 mosaics, 76 coloured windows and many ex-voto. The bell tower is 61 metres high. It is located on the Sister Island of Gozo, surrounded by an awe inspiring. TietheKnot in our favourite romantic church. 

St Paul's Church Mdina


The cathedral is said to be built on the site of the villa belonging to Publius, the Roman governor of Malta who welcomed St Paul in AD 60.

The restrained baroque edifice you see today was built between 1697 and 1702 by Lorenzo Gafa, who was influenced by the Italian master Borromini. Note the fire and serpent motifs atop the twin bell-towers, symbolising the saint's first miracle in Malta. TieTheKnot inside this miraculous Cathedral. 

Mosta Dome - Rotunda


The Rotunda of Mosta is built in the neoclassical style. The church’s circular design with a six-columned portico was closely based on the Pantheon in Rome. It is visible from most parts of Malta. Being a rotunda, the church has a circular plan with walls supporting the dome.

Its imposing structure will immerse your wedding in grandiose, TieTheKnot in Malta's most famous rottunda. 

Mellieha Sanctuary of Our Lady


There is much history in this little church, and it is a peaceful and healing haven. The sanctuary itself has some lovely decoration and it is a great spot to just sit and take a moment. The views across Mellieha bay are also spectacular form here. TieTheKnot in peace & tranquillity. 

Ballutta Bay Church


Ballutta Bay is centrally located, the church is unlike most Maltese churches due to its neo-gothic exterior. It is our most popular choice of church to get married inside of. Its proximity to the sea and sea side reception venues makes it a convenient choice for the bride and groom. TieTheKnot here and party in style at our beach venues

Castle & Palace Venues

Olive Gardens

Its well-groomed gardens, charming pool area and stunning views of Mdina, offer an unparalleled uniqueness. The breathtaking backdrop can be appreciated both during the day with its luscious greenery and olive groves surrounding the garden, as well as during the evening when the bastions are beautifully lit-up. With a medieval backdrop Zest Gardens sets the stage for a fantastic wedding package.

Best Beach Venues in Malta

Quadro Terrace

This unique venue, with its spectacular Mediterranean back drop is the perfect location for a dream wedding in Malta. This building with its magnificent sea views formed part of the original estates of the Marquis Scicluna, and was utilized as the guests’ quarters.



Baia Beach

Mallorca Beach Club is easily Malta’s top beach club destination. Against a jaw dropping backdrop of the clear blue waters of Armier and stunning views of Gozo and Comino, we channel a laid back vibe while offering unparalleled service. Stylish, chic and with a serious dose of cool we continue to attract clients for high class beach weddings.