Top 5 Tech Wedding Trends

Adding an element of technology to your wedding is the perfect way to show a playful, modern & cool perspective on a classic celebration of love. Consult with TieTheKnot to learn more about what upcoming digital trends are on the market. 

Even if you decide to get married outside of Malta, Many of our digital services can be provided at a distance. 


1. Blockchain Registration

Secure your love forever on the blockchain, we will register your marriage with a traditional registrar as well as imprinting your vows on the ethereum network. 


2. Custom Website

Plan your wedding from pre wedding to post wedding and keep your guests updated. Collect email addresses, receive gifts and share photos on your custom website. 


3. GoPro Bridal Bouquet/Whisky Cam


From walking down the aisle to a nervous swig of booze, capture every special moment. 







4. Custom Snapchat Filters

Geotag filters that are unique to your wedding day


5. Drone Videography

A birds eye view of your magical moments will leave you with an impact that is futuristic and cool. Our most popular extra today because of the unique angles captured by our eye in the sky.